Oh my GOODNESS, this is the spiciest story of the day.

Someone has leaked messages between current MAFS contestant Bryce Ruthven and ex-MAFS contestant Connie Crayden pretty much proving that Bryce may not really understand what commitment even means.

This story has popped up here and there already, where rumours were that Bryce had hooked up with Connie despite him denying it.

Connie then proceeded to do an interview with The Wash explaining that the pair met when she was doing the press junket for her season of MAFS and he was a regional radio presenter.

“I thought I had a new friend, we got along so well and I went over to his house and had lunch with him and his fiancée Lana. I adored her and thought they were great.”

She was invited to his home for lunch with his then-fiancé and it all went downhill from there, apparently, Bryce constantly twisted the things she would say to make them suggestive or sexual.

“Then when things got rocky for them [as they split up], he’d come to me for advice from a woman’s perspective. When we spoke he’d always twist things and make them flirtatious. Hyper-sexualising everything I said and pushing boundaries.”


She had to block him by the end, after his split from his finacé, because it got too uncomfortable.

“It was getting too hard to have a friendship with him. It was almost like he was using me as a way to get over his break-up. I was like, “No, this is not how it is, you’ve got it all wrong”. I had to block him on all forms of social media.”

But until now, it was all he said, she said… But now Woman’s Day has leaked the messages between them and oh boy… they’re BAD.

Head here to read all the messages, but be prepared for the ultimate cringe.

Bryce texting her things like “You chatting with many other guys at the moment?” and after she responds ‘no’, he continues to say, “I’ll selfishly say I hope you don’t come across another guy” WHILST BEING ENGAGED.

Or how about this one, Bryce asking her “Kiss on a first date kind of person?” to which she responds “Depends how well the date goes I guess,” a perfectly normal response.


He then for some ungodly reason asks her “Did it cross your mind Saturday night?” I believe referencing a dinner they had earlier in the week, to which Connie responded with “No it didn’t actually” shutting that shit down immediately because he’s ENGAGED but obviously she’s curious so she asks “Did it for you?”

To which he responds “No but I kinda got the vibe maybe it had crossed yours…way off.”


You brought it up Bryce, what kind of negging is this?!

I can’t deal anymore, if you want to read the rest then head to the link above!