When Maria Gaban opened up on air with Jodie about both the joy of welcoming a newborn into the world, and the horror of losing a child during childbirth, neither expected the incredible response that would soon follow.

Shortly after the interview went to air, Jodie was contacted by Steph Malan.

Steph is the founder of The Village Co, a not-for-profit that seeks to equip mothers of newborn in need of extra help by making sure that they have the essentials in their hands when they leave hospital.

The Village Co hands kits to mothers who leave the hospital with their newborn babies and those who, for various reasons, are unable to. The organisation, however, relies on the charity of the general public to donate these essential goods.

She is also a midwife who shared with Jodie and Soda some of the devastating things that she has seen while working in Adelaide’s hospitals.

“There’s some women who will not have someone to pick them up on the day of discharge. They’re going home to a friend’s couch, for example, or to a shelter,” Steph told Jodie and Soda.

“Sometimes they’re going home on a bus with a newborn.”


The conversation with Steph moved Jodie and Soda to lend a hand, giving birth to Jodie & Soda’s Newborn Kiddy Kits.

The aim was to fill 250 newborn kiddy kits to put in the hands of mothers in need.

With Romeo’s Foodland offering up 24 of their stores to house donation bins, listeners opened their pockets and donated. Big time!

Meanwhile, the good people at 1800 GOT JUNK offered up their services, their hands and their trucks to collect all of the donations from the Romeo’s stores and bring them to The Village Co.’s warehouse.

Then, in the spirit of “all hands on deck” Rob from the 1800 GOT JUNK team stuck around to lend an extra hand packing the hundreds of kiddy kits.

The bins saw thousands of essential items like nappies, underwear and baby wipes being generously donated to help the cause.


Needless to say, with the help of Jodie and Soda’s Friends of the Show and some very charitable donations, our donation targets were smashed.

The initial target of 250 Newborn Kiddy Kits, was blown out of the water, with a final total of over 500 kits!

Some quick stats from the Newborn Kiddy Kits:

  • 2 tonnes of essential items were donated all up.
  • Between the generous donations of goods and funds, Jodie and Soda’s Friends of the Show were able to raise over $55,000 for The Village Co.
  • Over 500 Newborn Kiddy Kits will now be able to be put together.
  • On top of listeners’ donations, several local businesses came on board to help out.
    • Integrated Waste Services made a charitable donation of $10,000.
    • Romeos came to the rescue by not only housing the blue donation bins in their stores, but also donating over $6,000 worth of goods (that’s 5,525 units).
    • Bartons donated $5,000 in funds.
    • Amarees donated $3,000 in goods (that’s 300 units).
    • $1,510 from Rob and Jane from Kwik Kopy Unley for Travis Boak’s pillow!
    • $1,000 from Kelly at JDM Concrete for Tom Lynch’s Speedos.