Bob Odenkirk has always been a jack of all trades, and prank calling is just another string to his bow!

You most probably best know Bob Odenkirk as his famous character Saul Goodman, who first appeared in Breaking Bad, and later the spin-off series Better Call Saul. He has since become a cult figure, and when he joined the Will & Woody Show, he showed just why his character has become so famous. 

In case you missed it, to celebrate their New Year’s In August Party, Will & Woody dressed up (with full prosthetics) as two of the world’s most supreme leaders – Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. They spent the night riding in limos drinking champagne, DJing at a raucous party, and Donald even had a cheeky spew at one point. It was great viewing, but it made the boys’ manager Mark a tad nervous. He was worried their portrayal of two very important men might land them in hot water. The boys sensed an opportunity for a harmless little prank call, and who better to make that call, than Bob Odenkirk pretending to be a White House Representative, and close friend of Donald Trump.

WATCH to see one of the great prank calls in recent history!

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