Joe Exotic has been isolated for too long and he’s losing it!

Actually…he’d already lost it before going to jail…

He’s now turned to Trump, Cardi B & Kim Kardashian to help him get out of prison!

TMZ got their hands on a letter he penned to the world addressing to his supporters, fans and loved ones.

He claims the pandemic is over and looks to Trump to follow through with his promise to pardon him.

“The pandemic is over and now I ask you to ask President Trump to keep his word and look into making this wrong right and grant me a miracle”.

Oh dear…


We actually can’t make too much fun of him because he seems to be struggling mentally and hopefully they’re getting him the help he needs.

The letter goes on to say “My soul is dead, I struggle everyday to hold on to what little hope I can find”.

Exotic is under the impression that his friends and family have abandoned him, including his husband [Dillion] in order to pursue fame.

“I don’t even know if I’m married anymore, seems everyone is so busy making money and being famous I don’t get even a letter from Dillon.”

He ends his letter with a final attempt to rope in Cardi B who’s tweeted her support of him and Kim Kardashian who made that show about securing pardons for the wrongly imprisoned.

“Cardi “B” – Kim “K”, Please ladies, I’ve done nothing wrong” he wrote. 


You can read the whole letter here:

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