He’s already so lovable that we get comments from Crows fans saying even they like him!

There’s the underwear modelling, the courageous football, the way he’s dealt with adversity following the loss of his father, and the resistance to return to Melbourne when big $$ were on offer but we think we might have found our new favourite reason to love Travis Boak!

This week we found out that Travis Boak has now been involved with the Childhood Cancer Association for TEN YEARS!

Watch the video above as Boaky melts hearts with his stories of being involved with kids battling cancer.

He told us all about his “Boaky’s Buddy”, concept that will see a young fan run out alongside the Power team at Sunday’s game against Gold Coast at Adelaide Oval.

That ‘buddy’ is Ryan, who Boaky has known for eight years, ever since he joined him for his first day in hospital as a four-year-old receiving chemotherapy.

“You go into hospital and see these kids going through chemo and it’s horrible,” Boaky told Jodie and Soda.


“To see them go through that and their families go through that and then come out the other end is pretty special.

“I walk out of the hospital probably feeling a lot better because of the inspiration these kids and families give me.

“All I’m doing is just going in there and talking to them and trying to take them away from what they’re going through but I go away with a greater perspective for life.”

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