In an unusually dramatic episode last night, The Bachelor introduced us to a global pandemic that seems like it might cause a little bit of mischief in 2020.

Probably nothing to worry about, but apparently cinemas and clubs are closed. Who knew, huh?

In between the drama of a TV show filmed months ago finding out about COVID-19 (or as we all called it back then ‘The Coronavirus’) for the first time, there were some evictions.

Five evictions in fact, and unfortunately for fans of drama and all things interesting, Areeba was one of them.

Jodie and Soda caught up with Areeba this morning and she says that she had well and truly had enough of everything going on in that house.

Seriously, she was happier to be walking out into a global pandemic than spend another minute with that group of people. Telling.

Listen to why Areeba was so happy to be out of there and what she thinks of her fellow contestants:

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