With MAFS being on our tv screens four nights a week, it basically feels like we know everything there is to know about the contestants taking part in the experiment this season.

And so it’s exciting that we’ve got some new contestants, or fresh meat if you will, heading into the experiment tomorrow to mix things up a bit.

Tomorrow night is the highly anticipated weddings of the intruders; something that was introduced last year as part of the experiment and brought us the gold that was Susie, Billy and the infamous splenda incident.

While we already know one of the people getting married tomorrow night, being Lizzie from last year’s season of MAFS, the other three are complete strangers! Well to you that is, we’ve already done a pretty detailed Instagram investigation…

You can find their insta accounts for your own stalking pleasure below!

KC Osbourne
Age: 31
From: Sydney, NSW
Occupation: Performing Artist


Drew Brauer
Age: 31
From: Cairns, QLD
Occupation: Musician/Charity Founder


Seb Guilhaus
Age: 30
From: Adelaide, SA
Occupation: Personal Trainer



And just for fun, even though we know her already too:


Elizabeth Sobinoff
From: Newcastle, NSW
Occupation: Can you believe they’ve put here “returning MAFS bride” on the Channel Nine website

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