It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions on last night’s finale of The Bachelor!

Locky seemed to be dishing out the “I Love You’s” left, right and centre last night.

The not-a-Bachelor-anymore headed out on his final date with Bella, telling her that he had “definitely fallen in love with her,” that’s before telling her he was actually kinda also falling in love with Irena.


In the end, Locky decided that he actually most loves Irena, the pair told Jodie and Soda this morning that they watched the finale together.

And now Locky’s already said on his Instagram that the pair are going to get married and that he wants Irena to be the mother of his children.


This guy has very little chill.

Take a listen to Irena and Locky recap the rollercoaster finale with Jodie and Soda here: