Thought things couldn’t get any worse than they currently are? Well, think again!

A new reality show has already sparked controversy as it sees contestants “skip the dating and go straight to the baby-making”.

‘Labour of Love’ sees 15 men compete to impregnate a 41-year-old woman they have never met. The woman in question is Kirsty, a professional and divorcee from Chicago hoping to find the right man to have a child with.

“I had just turned 40 at the time and I had just gotten out of a relationship. I was trying to navigate dating, knowing that I still wanted to start a family and that time was definitely not on my side,” she explained.

And it’s at this point that we feel that we need to confirm: Yes…we are serious.


The show is hosted by Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis and uses that catchphrase “Love is optional, labour is not” in its promos.

And what about the romantic dates? Well, episode one featured the prospective dads being served specimen cups on a platter before being asked to *ahem* produce something for testing.

As yet, we don’t have an Australian release date, but we’re sure our sick curiosity will get the better of us when we get it!

We do wonder what they do in place of the rose ceremony…