Postmen are great. They are the sweet people who drive around all day delivering our treasured mail. But this Tiktok has made Postmen EXTREME.

Tiktok has once again delivered as a Postie goes full Evel Knievel on his post bike.

Ever wondered why your mail is late, well this might be why…

@justslammingandjamminyou’ve got mail! #australia #posty #whysmymaillate #fyp #honda #nedkelly #bencousins #moondinejoe♬ Whoopty – CJ

No doubt in the bush the trek from one house to the next is long and boring. But it would be 10x more fun when you’re chucking a wheely, spinning some doughys, and even landing jumps.

People in the comments are loving the Australia Post stunt man saying “I have more respect for the postal service now’ and ‘Postman pat going gangster’.


Australia Post said the man hasn’t worked for them for some time.

“Australia Post takes safety very seriously, and these actions are not in line with our policies and procedures, and do not reflect the service we expect our people to deliver to the community,” the spokesperson told 7News.

“We can confirm the individual has not worked for Australia Post for some time.”

As long as our mail isn’t lost when doing flips, we don’t mind.

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