If you caught SAS Australia this week, you would have seen a terrifying moment where the super-fit Shannan Ponton suffered through hypothermia.

The show got completely out of control when Shannan seemed to lose control of his body entirely.

“Walking up the hill everything sort of went a bit of a psychadelic colour, everything went a bit of a greeny, orange colour then I just blacked out,” Shannan told Jodie and Soda.

“So I was still functioning, I was still standing up, but I was blacked out. Watching that episode last night was the first time I had a lot of those movements in my memory at all. My body core temperature went to 34 degrees which is super, super, super cold and your body just basically shuts down on you.”

But it was his incredible weight loss that was perhaps most shocking about his time on SAS.

We are used to seeing a ripped Shannan from his time on our screens, however, he told Jodie and Soda that it was impossible to keep weight on throughout his time on the show.

Take a listen to just how much weight he lost throughout his time on SAS Australia here…