It’s true, things have been a bit tense with everything that’s happening in the world right now.

But we do have to expect a level of professionalism from our broadcasters.

So when Hamish Blake joined Jodie and Soda to chat about the new season of Lego Masters, he was gobsmacked by some of Soda’s liberal use of the word ####.

Of course, we can’t write #### here, that would be unprofessional. Even that was probably censored…####!

Hear the moment when Soda let an F-Bomb slip during the chat with Hamish Blake here:

Hamish was telling Jodie and Soda about the time the head of Lego came out to meet the Lego Masters contestants, flying out in the Lego jet.

“We had the head of Lego come out. This is the grandson of the guy that invented Lego, because it’s still family company, Lego,” Hamish said.


“So, they came out on the Lego jet, the head of Lego and the second-in-charge came out. They came and said ‘hi’ to the contestants and stuff, off-camera. And to the contestants this is like Obama coming out. I was like, ‘I wonder if they’ll know who it is,’ Brickman’s like, ‘they’ll know, this is a big deal’.”

“How does a Lego jet pass aviation standards? Like how can that fly” Soda asked.

“You’ve got to glue it together. I mean usually you don’t glue the Lego, but if you’re going airborne in one, it’s okay to glue the Lego in that instance,” was Hamish’s response.

But it was Soda’s response that left everyone shocked.

“Tell you what, that is a feat of magic…magnificent aeronautical ###### development. I just said ####!” Soda said, surprising himself just as much as the show’s producers.

In seven years, of working together, Jodie says that she has never heard Soda drop an F-Bomb on air.


He didn’t stop there though, letting two more F-Bombs slip through before the end of the call.


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