We’ve all been distracted by Bryce drama but it was almost impossible to ignore last night.

Sam Carraro went on a weird, petty and quite frankly embarrassing tirade of name-calling to two people who honestly couldn’t give a flying f*** and the content was so cringe I had to walk away.

I understand being angry at Cam for bad-mouthing him when he barely knew him, and I understand disliking Bryce for… well being Bryce.

But the weirdly personal insults being endlessly flung across the table was bizarre and honestly, I didn’t understand what Sam wanted out of the vapid situation because he just came out looking like a bit of a loser.

Call it what you want, but constantly calling someone names because of the size of their nose is bullying.

It was bullying when you were 5 years old in the playground and it should be left there, but if it isn’t it’s most certainly bully as a 30-year-old man.

Also how many times are you gonna call Bryce ‘Gonzo’ mate?!


I’m gonna need a little more creativity from you if I’m being forced to watch you spit your way through a meal for 40 minutes.

People online seem to disagree, and everyone’s been loving him taking Bryce down a peg!

What am I missing!



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