Uber is great when you need a lift somewhere. But not so great when you want to avoid a car trip full of talking.

We’ve all been there. You hop in your Uber, wanting nothing more than to just sit there and relax but you feel obliged to participate in smalltalk with your driver so that you’re not being rude.

Gotta keep that rating up after all.

So you muster up your courage and pull out the usual, ‘been busy tonight mate?’ which usually ends with you knowing more about your Uber driver’s personal life than you do about your own friends.

But could this obligation to make conversation be a thing of the past?

The ride-share app have introduced a new feature to enhance the experience of it’s Uber Black users by allowing them to choose the ‘Quiet Mode’ function.

Which basically means that you’re letting your driver know beforehand that you don’t want to get all chatty without any of the awkwardness!


The function can be requested while ordering any Uber Black or Uber Black SUV and is advertised as perfect for those who “need to respond to emails or are in the mood fora nap”.

For those who don’t mind a gab you can actually chose the opposite function, letting your driver know that you want to make conversation with them throughout your ride.

The ‘Quiet Mode’ comes along with a number of other luxury features for Uber Black riders designed to make the experience more bang for your buck, including help with your luggage, temperature control and an extended pickup period in case you face an unexpected delay.

The only downside is that these new functions are only being rolled out across the US at the moment, but we’re hopeful they’ll bring it to Australia once it proves popular!


PS Soda’s going to hate this! He just finished his rant about how no-one talks to anyone in society any more and went to OTR to deliver driveway service so there’d be more chat!

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