Former Australian Idol and current Neighbours star Rob Mills was everyone’s hot tip to be uncovered as the wolf on the Masked Singer last night but Jess and Soda had already made the bold claim that it was definitely NOT Millsy!

Sure, it looks embarrassing now but our logic was really good until we found out why we were tricked when we chatted to Millsy – the Wolf himself – this morning.

Listen to our interview with Millsy, the Wolf, below, as he reveals where we went wrong with our prediction…

Last week Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jess and Soda got the scoop from former Adelaide Crow Nick Gill on how he’d tricked Paulini into revealing that Gorgi Coghlan was the Monster, many days before it was actually revealed.

It was a two-part process that involved using audio altering technology of the singer’s voice then the oldest trick in the book – pretending you already know and seeing what you get back!

Stay with us here, it’s getting good now.

So Jess and Soda employed audio whiz kid (and show producer) Thom Lion to adjust the masked voice of the wolf back to normal.


He did it and got surprising results – the Wolf’s voice on the Masked Singer came out with an English accent – NOTHING LIKE AUSSIE ROB!

Turns out we were half right.

This morning, when Jess and Soda got to finally speak to Millsy, who had been avoiding Soda’s calls prior to the finale, he confirmed that the voice alteration we did wasn’t actually him at all.

“All I can say is every time you saw anyone on stage that was them 100 per cent live,” Millsy revealed to us.


“(But) whenever there’s a package that’s not the (voice of the) performer. Whenever we’re talking live on stage or we’re singing that is absolutely live and our voice.”


At least we know what the voiceover guy’s real voice sounds like now 🙄😂

Meanwhile, Millsy wasn’t Jess and Soda’s only Masked Singer exclusive this morning. The winner, Cody Simpson, also joined us.

Listen to our chat with the Robot, Cody Simpson, in the audio above.

He said his friends found it easy to work out it was him and he had to tell the people close to him that he was on the show.


“Even when it first started airing and the clues were so obvious from the get go, (friends are) like ‘you’re on this show aren’t you’ and I’m like ‘nah nah must be someone else’, Cody said.

“It was quite hard to keep under wraps… I had to tell my family and people close to me because it was too much to bear being obvious but me not being able to tell them.”

Cody confirmed he wasn’t allowed to keep the robot outfit and will be dressing up for Halloween as Billy Idol instead.