Okay, we’re down to one (annoyingly delayed) episode to go, but last night’s ep saw sparks flying all over the shop.

We’re still reeling from Natasha’s toast, to be honest.

Although one person in the room looking very calm and collected throughout the whole thing was Michael…

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Soda and Erin spoke with Michael this morning to gauge his reaction to the whole bloody situation (including the text message evidence).

“You notice Mikey tactically sat 30 metres down the other end of the table before the news came out? Which, he couldn’t have got further away from everyone, he’d need Google Maps to get over there,” Michael told Erin and Soda.


“Yeah, basically my mind was obviously running a hundred miles an hour. Watching it brings you back to that moment.”

“You’ll see me just sitting there in silence, weighing it all up. What I’m doing there is just weighing up both sides of the argument. I’ve gone ‘is there text messages? Is there any text messages that’d show anything? No there’s no text messages.’ I’m like ‘okay, I can sort of, defend you here in front of the group.”

Listen to the full chat with Michael here: 

When it comes to his relationship with Stacey now, it didn’t sound like Michael was going to be invited around Stacey’s for dinner anytime soon.

“We’re not…look, we’re not best friends. She’s still angry at me for something.”

Although he did have one possible explanation to the whole situation.


“I don’t know Mikey, Michael, the names are similar, the lights might have been off…”

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