As one of the coaches on The Voice, Kelly Rowland is used to being surprised by the talent she hears, especially during the blind auditions.

But one singer caught Kelly completely off-guard. Unbeknownst to Kelly, the brother of fellow coach Guy Sebastian rocked up to the blind auditions.

She told Jodie and Soda this morning about how she was taken aback by his voice.

Listen to Kelly Rowland’s chat with Jodie and Soda here:

“His voice is just…when I hear his voice it’s just sounds like it’s just necessary,” Rowland told Jodie and Soda.

“He has this style of course that I love, because he has so much soul in his voice. So when he got that four-chair turn it was amazing.”


However, it took Kelly a little while to cotton on to the fact that Chris Sebastian was Guy’s brother.

“He had the four-chair turn and I looked at him and said, this is so crazy, I felt like an idiot later,” the Work singer explained.

“But I was like ‘you know, your voice is very similar to Guy’s’ and Guy turns around to me and goes ‘yeah, you’re brilliant, that’s my brother. And I was like ‘oh…ohhhhh!’.”

The season premiere of The Voice airs on Channel Nine at 7pm on Sunday night.