From Bridezilla’s under the influence to Groom’s wanting make-up for the big day, Jodie & Soda’s Whistleblower Make-Up Artist MJ takes us behind the scenes of the wedding industry.

MJ revealed sometimes the dedication for a wedding day can be inspiring…

“We rocked up at a house and noticed that one person was missing and the Bride said my Maid of Honour has gone to the hospital to have her first child, we went to the hospital to do her make-up and she rocked up to the wedding that is dedication”

She also revealed that some brides were drunk and take Valium before their big days and at times drugs have been consumed by the bridal party…

“We’ve had a particular ‘white substance’ laid out on the living room table like it’s sherbet and my hair stylist tried to use the hair dryer to blow it away”

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