Jodie and Soda went on the hunt for Adelaide’s horror mother-in-law stories but they could never have imagined getting something like this.

Annie from Macdonald Park rang and trumped all the other horror stories we’d already heard (plus the one positive one).

“My ex mother-in-law wore all black to my wedding including a mourning veil,” she said as Jodie and Soda gasped in shock.

“My family and friends actually thought she was going to a funeral after the wedding, we had to stop them asking her.

“She’s invited (his) ex girlfriends over for Christmas Day and not me, while we were married.”

“Why did she hate you so much?” Jodie asked between gasps.

“I wasn’t the chosen one,” Annie replied.


Watch Jodie and Soda’s reactions to the incredible story in the video above.

Annie said she couldn’t expand on some of her thoughts about this woman “as this is a PG show” but seeing this is the internet, we can tell you that she told our producers that her first thought when she was walking down the aisle and saw her mother-in-law wearing the all black funeral outfit was ‘b**ch’!

Soda jumped on the phone with Annie for more info on the mother-in-law off-air and later told us: “This woman is nasty, I can’t tell you exactly going on but even during the speeches the mother just walked out in front of everyone. She walked out and refused to listen to the speeches.”

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