You read the headline correctly.

We are now officially living in the future, after it was announced that the world’s first flying car will go on sale next month!

So, now you can finally live your childhood dream of being in the Jetsons!

This amazing vehicle transforms between being a regular vehicle and a flying car in less than one minute.

They’re made by a company called Terrafugia, which is owned by Volvo, and is called a Transition.

It can fly for over 600km and can reach a top speed of around 320kmh.


Chinese news agency Xinhua reports they are taking pre-orders on them starting from October.

While the vehicle is road legal, you will still require a pilot’s licence if you take off in this bad boy.

Chris Jaran, Terrafugia’s CEO, said: “Developing this new technology has allowed us to test several different mechanisms and generate process improvements along the way.”

“We are at the critical point where we can implement the best design features based on years of flight and drive testing.”

“This will improve function, safety and aesthetics for the optimal flying and driving experience.”

Just as long as no one tries to time-travel with them right?


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