After a wild year for Bachie fans in 2019, the first bits of news are starting to come in for the 2020 season, and it looks like the producers aren’t quite ready to hop off the ‘hot nerds train’, with reports that 2020’s Bachelor could be another eligible young doctor, of a different variety.

With filming slated to start in around a month, Aus Doc is reporting that the casting team from the show paid a visit to the Australian Medical Association (AMA), looking to “secure a male doctor who can pack a stethoscope as well as a six pack”.

The AMA’s latest AusMed journal says the Warner Brothers’ Australia casting team made a call to their offices that basically confirm we can expect a hot young doctor or GP to grace our screens for the 2020 season.

As we’ve heard before, applicants need to be aged between 27 and 40, with filming expected to take place for 12 weeks between February and mid-May. The AMA told their members “good luck guys…and don’t forget to wear your AMA cap.”

After some speculation that Ciarran from 2019’s The Bachelorette could be our 2020 Bachelor, we’re a little concerned (that man deserves love, ok?) – do you think your GP would be in with a shot? Maybe send them this way.