As far as Soda’s favourite TV moments for 2020 go, it’s hard to go past the Masterchef ‘poo chute’ incident.

Mainly because of the presence of the phrase ‘poo chute’.

So when Jodie and Soda had the chance to chat with Masterchef’s Jock Zonfrillo, Soda couldn’t wait to bring it up.

“We had to get hold of you, because the other day we discovered that you are responsible for TV moment of the year, 2020,” Soda said, welcoming Jock on to the show.

“No one likes a poo chute in a prawn, come on!” Jock responded.

“It’s such an Aussie thing, isn’t it? Like, without even knowing, I’ve subconsciously become a true Australian. Unbelievable.”


Soda also jumped at the opportunity to double-down on the gastronomic innuendos, replaying the time when he asked Jodie how she liked her poached eggs.

“I can’t do it if it’s hard,” was the response…

Although Jock wouldn’t buy in.

“Your mind’s in the gutter. All I heard was a conversation about eggs. What did you think was going on?”

“You’re a filthy man, stop it.”

Listen to the full chat with Jock Zonfrillo here: