Tuesday should be cheap petrol day so we’ve gone shopping for the best prices in Adelaide this afternoon.

And the winners are some suburbs just north of the city (before Grand Junction Rd), and then right down south.

Kilburn, Blair Athol, McLaren Vale and Seaford are the best places to be today for the cheapest petrol in the city, with five servos offering us 112.9c per litre of Unleaded91.

Go to Coles Express on Churchill Rd in Kilburn, or either the United or Woolworths Caltex on Prospect Rd in Blair Athol for the biggest savings.

Just a few kilometres away at the Liberty in Woodville Gardens, the same petrol will cost you 149.9c per litre so it’s definitely worth shopping around.

The other two servos with Adelaide’s cheapest petrol at 112.9c today are X Convenience on Shearer Drive at Seaford, and the Coles Express at McLaren Vale.

In the west, you can get 117.9c per litre at the Woolworths Caltex at, West Lakes and at a couple of spots along Port Rd, including the Liberty in Woodville South.


Eastern suburbs, your options at 117.9c are the Coles Express on Fullarton Rd in Rose Park or the Woolworths Caltex on Hackney Rd in Hackney.

These cheapies are definitely the exception to the rule at the moment, with many servos on all sides of the city currently priced in the high 130s.

Good luck saving some $$ motorists. Just don’t blow it on overpriced chocolate bars on your way to the counter!

Source: Petrolspy