Consumer Affairs is looking at a faulty Aldi towing hitch pin after a dangerous failure of product.

The German supermarket giant is set to pay $1,000 in damages to a South Australian councillor after he complained of the product’s failure last month.

Onkaparinga City Councillor Martin Bray was towing his caravan along the unsealed Strzelecki Track towards Queensland when the hitch pin failed.

“I had slowed down to 80 kmh when I felt something break,” Mr Bray told The Advertiser.

While Mr Bray was able to bring his four-wheel drive under control, the incident could have been far more dangerous had emergency chains not kept the caravan attached to his vehicle.

When Mr Bray complained to Aldi, he was told that the pin was only designed for use on a stationary caravan, not while moving.

However, when The Advertiser contacted the supermarket, they confirmed that the pin was indeed designed for towing.


The company said that while there had been no other reports of problems with the product, they will be investigating the issue.

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