A Western Australian man has claimed to have cooked a pork roast inside his car on a hot day.

He has said that this serves as a warning for Aussies to not leave their children or pets inside their vehicles over summer.

Stu Pengelle, who lives in Perth, conducted the ‘experiment’ last week.

On Facebook, he wrote, “I cooked 1.5 kg pork roast inside an old Datsun Sunny for 10 hrs on a 39degree day.”

“It worked a treat!” he continued before saying he had monitored the temperature inside, which started at 30 degrees before reaching 81 degrees inside at 1PM.

“Things to note… it has tinted windows, door & window seals are shot & there is a big rust hole in the roof, which stops the car getting as hot as it potentially could,” Pengelly said.


He went on to say “If you do see kids or dogs in a hot car, DO NOT HESITATE TO SMASH A WINDOW to get them out ASAP. it is not an offence to do this & you could save a life. Please keep a watch out.’

Most of Australia is currently being hit by a heatwave, with temperatures expected to exceed 40 degrees.

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