You might not have noticed this, but there’s a good chance that your dog is fat…statistically speaking.

In fact, according to a study, around 50 per cent of Australian pets are overweight.

We love our furry friends, but sometimes, we love them a little too much and that love manifests in an extra handful of Schmackos for being SUCH A GOOD BOY!

However, with the growing number of people spending more time at home while self-isolating, experts are concerned that obesity in our pets is going to become an even bigger issue.

Pet expert Karen Justice, and owner of pet store Just For Pets, said that while might be enjoying the extra time with our best friends, pet owners should be keeping an eye on just how many treats we’re handing out.

“With most people usually working from an office or external location, the amount of treats their pet received is naturally limited because they’re not around as much,” Justice said.

But it’s not just the extra dog treats that could be causing problems, when we eat at home, we tend to drop a little bit more of our food to our cats and dogs too.


“It becomes much more difficult to resist giving your pet small snacks during the day or as part of your meals, and that’s one of the top reasons pets do become overweight – extra feeding from the meal table.”

Ms Justice also pointed out that pet owners often use snacks as a way to give our dogs and cats a bit of extra attention when they’re being needy.

“And if you absolutely can’t resist your pet’s baleful eyes, at least switch to healthier treats and snacks so they don’t get sick.”

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