SA Power Networks have flagged a plan to charge consumers a fee when their solar panels send electricity back into the grid.

The move would make power cheaper for households without solar power, with SA Power Networks arguing that it would also benefit households with solar power.

SA Power Networks told The Advertiser that power would be cheaper for households without solar under the scheme.

Under current rules households with solar power are able to sell excess electricity back to the grid, however social service lobby groups have argued that those who can’t afford solar power bear the cost of the higher prices.

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CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service Ross Womersley says that those with solar not only pay less from buying less electricity but make money at the expense of other households.

“Anybody who hasn’t got solar ends up with a much bigger proportion of the costs.”


As yet, no indication has been made on how much the proposed fee would cost households or how much those without solar could expect to save under the scheme.

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