Remember the limited edition Cadbury Vegemite Blocks!?

I do. 2015 was when they were first released. A beautiful salted caramel twist – a pairing that warmed you up with Aussie pride.

Two iconic flavours making love to your palate… (Sorry if that’s a bit much!)

If you’re like me though, and keep all your Woolies bags over the years under your kitchen sink, you might want to go rummaging around to see if you can find a left over Cadbury Vegemite Block!

Why you ask!?

Well, they’re clearly considered a priceless artifact as people are selling blocks on eBay for up to $500! (I know right!?)


Considering they used to cost a mere $2.50, that’s a bloody good return on investment!

Will you splash the cash for a another block? Or are you sitting on a gold mine?

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