Remember those little pets we gave our life and soul to?

Cleaning up their little poops was a PRIVILEGE that I wouldn’t give up for anything. 

Whether you were a Gen 1, 2 or 3 Tamagotchi user, we were part of something SPECIAL together and never forget that. 

So there’s been an announcement, there’s a brand new Tamagotchi getting released and here’s the cincher…

It’s going to be in full colour!

The screen! You can finally see what colour your deformed baby is!

I always imagined mine as a misshapen pink blob…. I hope I was right. 


It’s going to be called ‘Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden’ and it comes in Lavender and Turquoise and it’ll have it’s classic egg shape, because it’s not really a Tamagotchi without being an egg, let’s be honest, don’t be obtuse.

There are all the same classic features and more!

There’ll be a library and a dress maker so you can spoil your small child with books and clothing because they must get bored in their little egg all day.

But wait.. There’s more??


You can eat at little cafes, travel to different worlds and EVEN.GET.MARRIED.

It’s all too much for little old me. 

I think the biggest game changer they’ve added is that you can drop your kid off at daycare this time round so it won’t just die of starvation if you can’t look after it for 12 hours.

They’re soO needy aren’t they?

But good LORD they are expensive.

Expecting to retail at around $87 AUD on Amazon, I feel like they have definitely risen in price…


My mum would never have got me a toy that expensive as a kid.

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