Erin and Soda had a few questions about the looming threat of coronavirus, so who better to pose questions to than author, science communicator and loud shirt fan Dr Karl Kruszelnicki?

Dr Karl, had a concerning prediction about how many people are now projected to become infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“What’s happening is we’re looking now at 40-70 per cent of the world getting infected, and about 2 per cent of them will die”, Dr Karl told Erin and Soda.

You can have a listen to the full chat with Dr Karl here: 

Based on those projections, “about a quarter of a million people will die” in Australia. The good news (for the Erin Phillips types of the world, at least) is that the fitter you are, the better chance you have of surviving the virus.

“Your chances are better if you’re between 20 and 40, so the best thing that most people can do individually, is to just stay fit”

When it comes to preventing the spread of the virus, Kruszelnicki said that wearing masks wouldn’t make a difference, but washing your hands is key to preventing the spread.

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