The Cocktail Frenzy has made it’s way into “Radelaidian” pop culture, and has become an unsung excuse to get out and about!

The Bridgewater Inn has released a limited edition cocktail this September, which pays homage to our childhood favourites!

May I introduce “The Red Ripper” cocktail, which is just as delicious as it sounds! Made with a mix of vodka, lemon juice, lemonade and simple syrup! There’s a cheeky Red Ripper to top it off of course!

The Bridgewater Inn is famous for their monthly cocktail specials, last month they had a Milo Martini!

The Bridgewater Inn can be found in the beautiful Adelaide Hills just 20 minutes from the CBD! – There’s no excuse not to give it a try!

With a revolving door of cocktails keeping you on your feet, you’ve got till the end of September to try this nostalgic beverage!

The Bridgewater Inn is located at 387 Mount Barker Rd, Bridgewater SA 5155. 18+ Only. Drink Responsibly.