After an entire decade, Peters have finally brought back your fave original 2-for-1 icy pole you were forced to share with your brother.

Yep, the Twin Pole is back, baby!

One person jazzed it’s back on shelves is WA’s own Neil Hancock, who’s been campaigning for its return since they were pulled 10 years ago.

Mr Hancock even started up the ‘Bring Back The Twin Pole’ Facebook Group, which is now flooded with happy fans posting pictures of their Twin Pole supermarket finds, including the new flavours, Vanilla Chocolate and Cookies & Cream.

“Twin Pole was my favourite treat. I would always have one after playing squash and have many happy memories associated with it. I even had Twin Poles at my wedding! I always hoped that Peters would see the group and bring it back, but now it’s a reality I’m blown away by the surprise,” said Mr Hancock.


He wasn’t joking about that wedding either…

The Twin Pole should be in all leading supermarkets Australia-wide now. Packs of eight are $7.