Belgians are being URGED to eat double the amount of fries they usually do weekly.

Yes, you heard correctly.

According to the Telegraph, the secretary general of Belgapom (trade association for potato growers), it’s been recommended Belgians need to buckle down and take one for the country and eat fries at least twice a week

Let us all eat French fries twice instead of once a week…By eating an extra portion during this crisis they could collaborate with farmers and the industry to avoid food losses”, he stated.

This is all to combat the mountain of potatoes that is building up in the country since the pandemic started affecting trade.

The country is aiming to prevent the wastage of more than 750,000 tonnes of spuds.

Belgium used to be #1 in the world for potato exports so obviously the pandemic has greatly affected the country. 


So go forth people of Belgium, for man and country!


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