In today…nay the years greatest news, Cadbury has released a Pascall Clinkers Block and we are about to hoff down an entire block in about 0.3 seconds.

Our sneaky friends at Cadbury must’ve tiptoed around while making this secret collab because we are beyond shocked about the release. And if you did know about it, how could you withhold this sort of information! I would have sold my left kidney for this news!!!

Source: @foodfindsgeelong

Clinkers are undoubtedly the fun uncle in the chocolate world. It’s common knowledge to play the ‘what colour have you got’ game, even when by yourself.

Posted on @foodfindsgeelong Instagram, the block features tiny pieces of pink, yellow and green Clinkers. The post revealed the choccie is as amazing as we imagined, rating it a “10/10.”


The block was found at Coles so hopefully you’ll be seeing the block fill the shelves of your supermarket soon.

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