By Natasha Lee 

Here’s a poem:


All day

No way


No, it’s ok don’t get up. I’ll show myself out…


Bad (read: really bad) jokes aside, there is a delicious truth nugget behind the rise and rise of rose.

For the past year it’s been the drink de jour for everyone from Instagram influences to exhausted mums. Its reputation has been built on being a fun, fruity alternative to a Savvy B… oh, and it’s PINK. Win-win. 

But, with the cooler weather now starting to roll in, now is the perfect time to take a walk on the wild side and try something different.

Chardonnay, to be specific.

Yup, we’re serious. Your mum and her friend’s favourite drink – a glass of Chardy – has taken on a whole new life and is set to be the go-to wine for 2019.

We sat down with winemaker Freya Hohnen – the mastermind behind the Chardonnay Once & Well – to get her top hacks for serving the wine right every time.


Only chill Chardonnay for 30 minutes

The most common mistake wine drinkers make is that they over-chill Chardonnay. The ideal serving temperature for Chardonnay is 12 degrees Celsius, and considering the recommended fridge temperature is three degrees, it’s easy to leave the bottle in the fridge too long. If you serve your Chardonnay too cold, it can dull the fruit flavours and overemphasise the oakiness. So when chilling Chardonnay, only pop it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Store an opened bottle vertically

Oxygen is a wine’s worst enemy and causes oxidation, which means the wine loses flavour and colour. That’s why a wine should be enjoyed within three to four days of opening the bottle. When you’ve opened a bottle, make sure to store it vertically in the fridge – not horizontally. This means the wine is exposed to less oxygen than if lying horizontally and remains fresher.

Have a fave Chardonnay? Freeze ice cubes

If you always drink the same Chardonnay, consider freezing some ice cubes out of it. Not only will they come handy if you find yourself with a warm bottle of Chardonnay, but next time your cooking requires white wine, you don’t have to open a new bottle!


Open the bottle the night before

If you have a good quality Chardonnay, it will often taste better served if it has been opened the night before. That’s because that slight bit of aerating wine can soften the harder acidic edges and allows the fruit to blossom. So if you’re having a dinner party, open the bottle the night before and store it in the fridge – just make sure to take it out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving, so the wine isn’t too cold!

Know your wine regions  

The best way to get a perfect bottle of wine every time is to know the regions that make it the best. If you are in doubt about which Chardonnay to buy, a safe bet is purchasing one from the South West corner of WA (Margaret River or The Great Southern). If you are in the mood for European wines, a White Burgundy from France is your go-to.

To try Once & Well Chardonnay Margaret River 2017, head to Dan Murphy’s and selected BWS stores.

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