Now is the time to use the excuse that your dance moves are too dangerous as the majority of public venues will remain restricted to having a boogie.

SA Health has said that due to poor ventilation indoors and crowded areas, unrestricted dancing and drinking in licensed venues will unlikely be eased before the national vaccination rollout.

With only four nightclubs currently allowing the dangerous combination of dancing and drinking, all with strict conditions, two more are currently under assessment, while two have already been rejected.

Professor Nicola Spurrier said “With returning travellers from overseas and higher rates of COVID-19 in other countries, there remains a real risk of COVID-19 to the South Australian community,”

“Restrictions are currently in place for different public activities dependant on the level risk of potential transmission, with indoor, poorly ventilated, crowded environments the highest risk for super spreading events.

“Health authorities will monitor the impact of the COVID-19 vaccination going forward including drinking and dancing.”

South Australia has almost reached 1 million COVID tests, reaching a major milestone for the state.