The fruit fly battle continues to impact Adelaidian’s as residence are now being asked to remove the fruit from their trees to stop the spread.

More than 1000 residence in Prospect and Stepney have been urged by environmental staff to strip their trees after the fruit fly cases surged in the areas.

From today, crews from the Department of Primary Industries and Regions will start doorknocking on the 1500 something properties. Those not home will be left a letter outlining the emergency operation and how to contact PIRSA to arrange the removal.

Department Minister David Basham said, “In an effort to reduce the risk of fruit fly spreading further, we are asking residents to pick all their ripe summer fruit and vegetables from trees and plants as soon as possible.”

“Our authorised PIRSA staff will be seeking entry to properties to assist in removing at-risk produce.”

Currently, there are nine active outbreaks of Mediterranean fruit fly and one Queensland fruit fly outbreak throughout Adelaide. The fruit fly plague heavily impacts the $1.3bn horticulture industry.

Adelaide has been separated into three zones: red, yellow and green. You can check the PIRSA website for all information regarding the fruit fly outbreak.

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