Okay Tilly from Big Brother is really out there spreading the good word.

She discovered that her McDonalds were trialling new chocolate soft serves FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Don’t walk… run (within your 5km radius, or whatever the confusing lockdown rules are right now)

This specific one is in Mosman apparently because WHY? They don’t have beautiful views and huge houses to distract them already?!

Maccas, I’ll need you to give this to the people who desperately need it.



GO NOW BEFORE THEYRE GONESKIES #maccas #mcdonalds @McDonald’s Australia PLEASE KEEP THESE

♬ original sound – Tilly Whitfeld


McDonald’s confirmed with News.com.au that they are trialling the new soft serve across specific locations in NSW, QLD and South Australia… the people of Melbourne will be fuming, sorry guys.

Apparently, this bad boy tastes like chocolate custards and I swear to you, I’m about to hulk out.





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