Chalk this up to things we’ve been missing but had no idea we’ve been missing them until we saw a photo.

They’re already available at Coles for $4 a pack and when did this happen, why were we not informed?

If you’re not aware of what these are you might be a little too young, they’re pretty much mashed potato in the shape of a smiley face with a beautifully crispy golden exterior.

You could buy them from the school canteen for 50 cents!

They’re heaven.

This time round they’re not called McCain Smiles like they used to be in the 2000’s….


The only thing we’re not sure about is the name that the good people at McCain have gone with: EmotiBites.

Described as ‘mashed potato shapes” it looks like the baggie contains an assortment of emoji-shaped smiles.

My heart is absolutely racing, my palms are sweaty and quite honestly, my knees are weak. 

Huge thanks to this “avid foodie” for bringing this to our attention, now if we’ll all just go to Coles and pose with our baggies, that will be good. Very good. 

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Concetta’s Food Safari Chapter 1: have you heard of little things called potato smilies? I did when i was a kid.. they were almost a myth.. i’d heard of them but never seen them in the flesh. They seemed too good to be true.. chips…. but they’re faces? My god what can’t they do. Unfortunately i never got the chance to try them, having grown up on only a sensible italian diet (pasta & pizza)…. until now. We fast forward to 2020, when i hear on the grapevine (facebook newsfeed) about EMOTIBITES. Racing to my local coles with my heart pounding, i find my white whale. Being 2020, emojis are how we communicate, faces are dated; yuck. It makes sense that with all of our modern day culinary advancements, oven-baked potato snacks shouldn’t be left behind. Here’s to innovation. Salute! 😘

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Ah McCain, you’ve done it again!

(sorry, I HAD to.)