In great news, you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking those extra glasses of wine during the week as it looks like it can give you health benefits!

A research team in Germany conducted a study of nearly 1,000 people and their dietary habits, and the results showed that drinking three glasses of wine per week can lower your blood pressure by 3.7 mm.

How does this work, you’re asking? Well, the flavonoids in the wine promote the relaxation of the muscles in our arteries, allowing them to widen and therefore improving blood flow.

It’s not as easy as you think though, the wine MUST be red, and you can only have 125ml in each glass and no more than three a week.

Health professionals have firmly stated that wine consumers should always follow the advice and guidelines of the National Health & Medical Research Council when drinking.

So, if wine is good for your health, it looks like I’m super healthy!

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