Move over COVID-19, we have another fight on our hands. The fight against fruit fly.

To stop the spread of the little critters, South Australian’s are being encouraged to eat their fruit at home. That means no packing fruit in kids lunchboxes or having a banana break at work, which may be the most ridiculous thing we’ve heard.

The State Government has instructed people in Adelaide’s quarantine area to consume their 3-a-day in the comfort of their home. So no more fruit salads or fruit on the pavlova.

The quarantine area, which covers a substantial amount of Adelaide – 297 suburbs between Sturt and Eden Hills in the south, and Salisbury in the north.

Primary Industries and Regional Development Minister David Basham says it is unlikely the new fruit fly outbreaks were caused by the flies moving within their normal range but transported in new areas by people moving around with their fruit.

“We need to make sure that people stop that. It’s certainly one of the worst years we’ve had with the number of outbreaks” Basham said.

Penny Reidy, marketing manager for the SA Produce Market has said keep up your 3-a-day but be aware of the restrictions.


“We’d hate people to stop having fruit and vegetables in their diet because they’re scared about it. It’s just about being very aware and careful about where you’re transporting fruit,” she said.


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