With South Australia recording another thirteen straight days without a new recorded case of COVID-19, attention has well and truly turned to what life looks like as restrictions ease.

Premier Steven Marshall revealed this week that the second stage of the easing of restrictions would be brought forward, with indoor dining also to be permitted across the state from this Friday.

In spite of the changing landscape, publicans have continued to raise their concerns about the proposed capacities to be imposed when they reopen.

Jodie and Soda spoke with the Premier this morning about the easing restrictions, and whether pubs would be allowed to welcome more than 20 people through their doors at a time.

“What we’re doing at the moment, is we’re sitting down with the publicans and we’re talking to them about how we develop a principles-based approach,” Premier Marshall told Jodie and Soda.

Listen to the full chat with Premier Steven Marshall here:

“Some of them have got huge pubs, they can take more than 20. So we’re just working through that.


“We’re going to give them these principles in the next couple of days, so that they’ve got two weeks to get ready to open their doors to patrons, but do it in a way that’s safe, a way that means we ease these restrictions and we don’t have to put them back on four or five weeks later.”

And while the state continues to record no new cases of the coronavirus, the Premier is urging South Australians to continue exhibiting social distancing in the face of easing restrictions.

“We’ve still got to be cautious, I mean, it’s still a very, very nasty disease and we can still see plenty of examples around the world where cities and countries that have eased restrictions have gone backwards.”

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