Excuse me UNCLE TOBYS! Since when were you in the oat milk game and why didn’t you do this years ago!

As a milk alternative gal, I am beyond excited about this. With over 125 years of ‘oats-pertise’, we already know their muesli bars are God-tier so we can only imagine how good their oat milk will be.

UNCLE TOBYS have launched three new oat milks made from 100% Aussie oats including UNCLE TOBYS Oat Milk, Barista-Style Oat Milk and Oat & Almond Milk.

The new range is vegan and vego and contains one-third of the recommended daily calcium and vitamins D, B12 and B2 to help you claw your way through the day.

Nestlé Business Manager Anna Stewart said, “We’ve been producing Australia’s favourite oats for more than 100 years, so being able to take our team’s expertise and create this brand-new range of oat milks is incredibly exciting for both UNCLE TOBYS and oat milk fans.”


“As preferences and lifestyles continue to change, we’re committed to offering Australians the highest quality dairy alternatives, starting with these three new oat milks, created to suit every taste and preference.”

They’re available now at Coles and Independent Supermarkets for $3.80 and $4.50 for the Barista-style.

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