Anniversaries are meant to be special, but you know it’s a little hard right now with so many of the go-to date spots closed.

So when Jodie and her husband Greg’s ninth wedding anniversary rolled around, the usual restaurant booking was off-the-table.

And with Jodie at work, Greg was left in-charge of cooking the romantic dinner. Problem is, he hasn’t got too many meals in his repertoire, according to Jodie.

“My husband can’t cook, and I’ve known this since day dot, it’s not a new revelation. On one of our first dates he made me a stirfry and managed to overcook the chicken and undercook the carrots, I don’t even know how you do that. I couldn’t do that if I tried,” Jodie told Soda this morning.

“He’s got two dishes, right? He can barbecue meat. But that’s not really a dish, that’s just barbecuing meat, so every man can do that…and his other go-to dish is tacos.

“So it was our nine-year anniversary, I had to work at Ten. So I couldn’t cook dinner, we couldn’t go out for dinner, so he simply had to cook. It was a no-win situation for anyone.”

Listen to the full chat about cooking fails here:


So, what was on the menu for Jodie and Greg’s romantic anniversary dinner?

Yep, tacos.

They sound like a safe enough bet, but when Jodie sat down to dinner, a key ingredient was missing.

“I ask you Mark, what is the key ingredient in your taco? What’s the pièce de résistance? What makes your taco?” Jodie asked Soda.

No not guacamole, not the salsa, not the taco shell.

“It’s your sour cream! It’s sour cream! It’s not a taco without sour cream. And guess what? He freakin’ forget it. And I swear to god, I was so livid!


“You have one dish, you have one job and you ballsed it up! It’s like having a sandwich with no bread!”

“No, no that would be having a taco without a taco shell, would be a sandwich without bread,” Soda responded.

But there was no joking about it.

“I felt ripped off. I just was really, really angry and sulky for the duration of the night. And it was probably a little unfair. Because all he did was forget the sour cream on a taco,” Jodie said.

What do you think is the key ingredient in a taco?