A popular local Adelaide bakery is producing a donut that is the equivalent of FOUR donuts in one.

Measuring almost 20cm wide, the donut is proving a hit on social media after a post featuring the donut went viral recently.

The maker of the donut is the Lobethal Bakery, and like all good (slightly) country bakeries it has the resounding endorsement of its locals.

“Best bakery in South Australia,” wrote Rachael Green.

The donut, which is covered in chocolate with half of it also covered in sprinkles, gathered more than 4,000 comments and 1,000 likes and shares, when it was first posted by the bakery.

The top comment was from George Newton: “When the Doctor says ‘You may have one doughnut per day!’ and you do because you are serious about your health.”


The bakery has since added a second product to its giant range – this time it’s a donut with icing sugar and filled with jam and cream!

Lobethal Bakery is located at 80 Main St Lobethal, and is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am.

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