Those who love sushi know that one sushi roll has never been enough to fill anybody up.

It’s an awkward size if you think about it. You need upwards of four sushi rolls just to get anywhere near full.

Enter the sushi burrito. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a burrito-sized sushi roll and it is the staple of new Waymouth Street eatery Sushi Burri.

Sushi Burri, see what they did there?

Apart from the giant sushi rolls, Sushi Burri will also be serving up salad bowls and rice poke bowls, made entirely to order. Think ingredients like ponzu-marinated salmon, tofu, tobiko and avocado. Sounds delish!


They’re located at 24-28 Waymouth Street, and are open Mon – Fri 10:30am – 4pm and Saturday from 11am – 4pm.