She’s a fit, 46-year-old who runs marathons, but South Aussie Anna Liptak is still working through recovering from a serious bout of coronavirus.

Liptak was one of the 20 per cent of people who will suffer severe symptoms from COVID-19. And although she is over the virus itself, she is still fighting pneumonia, a side-effect of the disease.

Despite being back on her feet, Liptak is worried about what happens next.

“I’ve got family, friends, I’ve got my parents to worry about, who are in their 70s. My dad, he’s got health conditions, so I’m actually scared for what’s around the corner,” Anna told Erin and Soda this morning.

“The world changed the day that I entered the hospital to the day that I came out of quarantine at home. It’s a very different world, possibly, I’m feeling more scared as each day passes.”

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“I woke up on the Friday morning and I actually fell on the laundry floor. I had a fever and I just wanted to stay on that laundry floor. And I thought: ‘What do I do here? Do I call out? Am I conscious?’ And I checked, ‘yep I’m conscious, I’m fine.'”

Anna had not been overseas, but had recently attended an international conference alongside attendees from both Italy and Spain.

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Thank you to all the media who have been extremely sensitive to my story. A decision to share was not easy. To Andrew Hough from The Advertiser for your treatment of my story I was one of the first to contract COVID -19 from human to human transmission within Australia, almost 4 weeks ago when COVID-19 wasn’t even an issue in SA – times have changed pretty quickly- it is so scary 🙂 Full stories can be found via link provided in bio #MyBodyCan Thank you to Today #9Today for also sharing my story, I hope I can spread a little hope amongst all this sadness. My love to everyone affected by this virus’ and others who are isolated in hospital around the world. For this who have lost lives in isolation – words can not begin to describe the devastation of this. For those on the frontline, thank you, you are true heroes. I was so thankful to all the Cleaners, Drs and Nurses who looked after me. May this be behind us soon. Its time for us too look after our elders and the more vulnerable in the community. Also to @Natasha Kramer for being so sensitive to my story #9news To everyone else this is extremely serious we must all act now. #bekind #stayhome #staystrong #

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“I was sicker than I’ve ever been, I couldn’t get out of bed, I thought I must have had depression or something. I was very lethargic, I had a thumping headache, a sore throat and I had a fever.”

When it comes to advice for the rest of us, Liptak urges us to listen to the experts in preventing the virus’s spread.

“It’s time that we need to really respect and protect our elders. And we need to protect the more vulnerable people. We need to wash our hands…like our life depends on it. We need to listen and trust the experts so that the medical systems can cope.”


Like many of us, she’s looking forward to some light at the end of the tunnel, for Anna, it’s the finishing line at the next New York Marathon.

“I can’t wait to give everybody a big, sweaty hug across that finishing line.”