As one of the first venues directly impacted by the now wide-reaching social distancing laws, Adelaide Oval faces an uncertain short-term future.

With no shifts available, over 1,500 casual workers will be stood down, with the Oval moving to a skeleton staff amidst the shutdowns.

Permanent employees are also to be stood down indefinitely from the close of business tomorrow.

Remaining skeleton staff have been asked to take a 30 per cent pay cut, while the Oval’s CEO Andrew Daniels will take a 50 per cent cut.

Government to announce second state stimulus package

The SA government is expected to announce a second state stimulus package today, worth $650 million and aimed at saving local jobs in the midst of widespread coronavirus shutdowns.

The stimulus package will follow on from the previous $350 million package, announced two weeks ago.


While the full details are yet to be announced, The Advertiser has revealed that relief on payroll and land tax are included,