Crocs have entered the high fashion realm by teaming up with Balenciaga with their new Croc stiletto. Yes, that’s right. CROC STILETTO!

Crocs are one of those shoes that you are either absolutely obsessed with or hate with a burning passion. Personally, I am the latter and this new piece is like adding fuel to the fire.

But I will TRY and keep an open mind for those Croc lovers…

The show is part of Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2022 collection and no doubt is sure to turn heads, not just from the shoe squeak. Available in three colours, black, grey and bright green, they’ve basically plonked a normal croc onto a rubber heel.

So Crocs are what? $30? But these ‘special’ Crocs, to be seen as high fashion, sophisticated, alternative…they’re £800. £800!!!!!!!! FOR THAT!


Sorry, sorry, I said I would try but this is difficult.

For anybody saying it’s so ugly it’s cute, it’s different, it’s unuuuuuusual. I’m sorry but no…this is not fashion. But hey, we’re all entitled to our own opinion. Yours just happens to be wrong if you like these.

The collab also dropped a Croc gumboot which is less offensive to the eye but still weird.



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