The diagnosis of MND is one of the most shocking for any family, but it can also bring out the most inspirational and resilient sides of people.

Motor Neurone Disease is an awful, insidious disease that afflicts thousands of Australians.

Each day two Aussies receive the diagnosis, and each day another two people in Australia will sadly die from the disease.

If you have somebody in your life who has been affected by MND, you will know that it can strike anyone. And right now, there is no cure.

Chris Grigg was a fit man, and a gun footy player. One of Athelstone Footy Club’s greats.

Now, thanks to the progressive creep of MND, simple things have become difficult to do without the help of his family.

Jodie and Soda spoke with Chris and his son, Magarey Medalist and former Adelaide Crow Mitch Grigg this morning about the disease and the inspirational mindset with which Chris has approached it.


“He holds his head high, and he still fights,” Mitch told Jodie and Soda.

“It’s just awesome to witness his strength and he just puts everyone first still even though he’s the one that’s going through it.

“We all love him heaps and we’ll be with him the whole way.”

Listen to the full chat with Chris and Mitch Grigg here:

Chris’s mate Greg Moulton has launched a GoFundMe for to raise money to help fight MND. All money raised will go to MND SA you can donate to the GoFundMe here: